viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

apartheid in the desert

If you are a Bedouin in the Jordan valley, it may mean that you leave in a tent with almost nothing, in a desertic area. You may depend on any water supply to maintain a few crops and provide the necessary for your family and cattle.

But if you are Bedouin under Israeli occupation you may not be allowed to dig a well, you may not be allowed to access the existing water supply system. You may even not be allowed to live on your land and your tent may be demolished, by a buldozer.

an oasis in the desert? just one more israeli settlement

A few hundred meters away, your ‘neighbours’ have permanent water supply, trees, quantity of green houses producing vegetables for exportation....of course it is an israeli settlement.

Abu Adam, infatigable political converser, welcomed us in his tent. He already suffered demolition several times but still persist and remains in his land.

In a close village from the same area, tap water has been locked, no tap water for palestinians...who can still deny this is apartheid???

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