jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

checkpoint life

Today on my way back from Ramallah to Jerusalem, while I was waiting and freezing at the checkpoint I saw an arab ambulance crossing. It parked next to an Israeli one. I thought a sick person may have gotten a permit to be taken to Jerusalem hospital. I look for my camera to document the moment. Then I understand that there is no sick person to transfer, just a dead one.
Dead Palestinians can apparently get a permit to Jerusalem.
no picture.

Walking from the bus station to home, I run into a group of arab children playing. They put a big stick and ropes accross the sidewalk : -"Chu Ismek?" (What's your name?). "Dominique". The little girl opens the gate with a large smile : "Domenik Domenik!!". That was definitely the friendliest checkpoint ever... wish they find soon other games to play though.

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