viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Friday, day off. I am not joining the crowd going to the prayer Al Aqsa. just wandering in the old city, and trying to open my eyes.

This building, in the middle of a Muslim quarter is now property of Ateret Cohanim, israeli organization acting for the "judaïsation" of the old city. One of these appartements was attributed to...Ariel Sharon.

Walking in the old city you may meet one of these guys, settlers' ecurity guards.

These armed guards work for private companies funded by public taxes as "protection of holy places".
Colonisation in Jerusalem, especially in the old city is a house per house struggle.

Did you know that this esplanade in front of the wailing Wall used to be the Marroqui quarter, neighbourhood completely erased just after the 6 days war. This place is now used for worshippers and tourists but also hosts frequent military ceremonies

Souvenirs, souvenirs...?

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